Selling A Boat?

  • Private Sale
  • Company Sale
  • Problems with selling?
  • Chartering
  • Boat swap & exchange schemes

Private sale – If you are a private individual selling a boat or even multiple owners, we strongly recommend drawing up a written agreement documenting what has been agreed with the buyer  This will help reduce the risks involved in selling such as issues regarding deposits and limiting your liability. Contact YachtingLawyers for more advice on this and for preparation of a bespoke legal agreement for your sale.  You may also want to read our Selling a Boat Guide.

Company sale – If the boat you are selling is held under a company structure, or perhaps a partnership or trust, we can deal with the legalities involved in selling boats which are owned in this way. YachtingLawyers will be pleased to discuss ‘legal and beneficial ownership’ with you. If the vessel is held under a company structure for example, transferring the shares in the company which owns the vessel may in certain circumstances allow the sale to be effected much more easily, quickly and cheaply and we would be pleased to advise on a case by case basis, please contact YachtingLawyers for more advice on this.

Having difficulty selling your boat? – If you are struggling to sell your boat contact YachtingLawyers to discuss alternatives to selling such as:

  • boat exchanges
  • forming a syndicate
  • chartering
  • investment opportunities – how to  earn money from your boat
  • fractional ownership
  • enlisting the help of one of our trusted brokers